Founded as a language school in 1991, in Vancouver, BC, ILSC Education has since grown to include language schools in 9 cities around the world and vocational colleges and programs in Business, Hospitality and Language Teaching. We also provide language training for business and corporate needs.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve provided transformative learning and living experiences to more than 200,000 students. We’ve done this by continually developing and refining our expertise collaboratively with strategic partners. Together, we’ve been able to anticipate and capitalize on trends in international education that have benefitted all of us, and our students.

Transformative Learning & Living Experiences

There’s an extensive and growing body of research connecting international students’ academic success and social integration on their campus, to support services that nurture them academically and personally.

ILSC Education Group has a long history of providing award-winning support to students, and GlobalFoundations enables our partner universities to leverage our support resources to augment their own, ensuring complete wraparound support for students in a format that can be scaled as a partner’s international student body grows.

Through creative partnerships, we ensure that our international students develop connections and belong to meaningful communities on our partners’ campuses. We help them connect and make friends with both locals and other international students through engaging activities and volunteerism. We ensure that our international students realize their goals and dreams for their undergraduate or post-graduate experiences; in the process helping them connect with their institution, and ultimately become loyal and engaged global alumni.

What our Students Say

I had many great experiences at ILSC. I met a lot of good friends from around the world, good teachers, and staff that helped me a lot. Also, I loved joining activities on campus during my studying such as after school hangouts, the Halloween party, ILSC’s anniversary party, etc. My favorite activity was after school hangouts because we went to many places in the city and I made many friends.

Pichalak Srigungvarl, Thailand

Here’s what our Higher Education Partners say

University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) has enjoyed a fruitful pathway partnership with ILSC Education Group; we have welcomed many students who have completed their academic English pathway program and begun their studies at UPEI. The students have all enjoyed their studies immensely and are making proper academic progress at UPEI… We look forward to continuing to work with ILSC colleagues in the future!”

University of Prince Edward Island

Here’s what our agency partners say

ILSC has a great diversity of students around the world and it has truly benefitted a lot of students to improve English skills. Great teachers and friendly staff take very good care of international students and make them feel warm and welcomed to the new environment. I have many success stories of students getting a better job, or transferring to college or university well prepared. They’ve all definitely grown so much through their time at ILSC and gained a lot of great experiences.

Sophia Huang | RNR Overseas Study Services Centre | 25 year relationship sending Taiwanese students to ILSC